Herz Woyzeck#


Subject Woyzeck. An interesting case. At the anatomical theater. Dead. Alive in the art against demise. The basement an expertise about sanity and death Woyzecks through a blade in front of thousands of onlookers 1824. Reduced to a heart.

Reanimated around 1900. One operator – Alban Berg. A long-living opera, interlinear version of Büchners tragedy. The texture, fragile, cohesive through Bergs diction. This is coherent to the medical expertise and dictates the instrumentalists. Twelve-tone-technique, developed by Bergs teacher Arnold Schönberg, is the basement of the composition. Twelve tones, extracted of an ecg.

Other influences in the Herz Woyzeck are Adolf Loos, architect, designing in different levels, setting the musicians on the balcony, the things in the room and Woyzeck on his stand. Egon Schiele, expressionistic painter, borrows his soul postures to a body. Woyzeck creates figures of sound.

The heart affects the attempt.

06/07/12 – 08/07/12 at HfG Offenbach
20/11/12 at Frankfurt LAB
26/06/13 at TiL Giessen