(wip, February 2024)

In the last years I've spend some time with the configuration of my software setup. I like reading about other peoples setup. As a consequence this (wip) note is about mine.


Linux based operating systems (instead of Apple or Windows) are the best for my needs and believes. The software is free (without adds and collecting data) and I can pick the hardware I like. Updates come very regular, but are running in the background, while the system is still operable (instead of Apple or Windows). I can adjust everything to my wishes and needs. But it's already good by default. For example Bluetooth is turned off when the lid is closed. This is not the case with mac os, where (as far as I know) I have to download an app to fix this design error. (Which probably is not a design error, but made by purpose to use Bluetooth as a tracking sensor.)

I've started with Ubuntu before moving to Kubuntu. I'm particular happy with it's file manager Dolphin. It's easy to navigate and find files, plus the integrated terminal window is very handy for brief file and folder operations.

Editing this article in Dolphin's built in terminal. Editing this article in Dolphin's built in terminal.


I'm working a lot through the terminal, the emulator being Terminator and Konsole, often in combination with tmux. cmus is the music player I use. If there's something to do, Taskwarrior handles it.

Screenshot of Taskwarrior. Screenshot of Taskwarrior.

Why? On the one hand, a lot of things are much faster, and on the other, I'm tired of constantly navigating the mouse pointer into predefined fields as if I were playing an educational game.

Text Editor#

The main text editor is Neovim. It took some time to get used to it and to configure it, but now it's working in so far, that my fingers want to use (n)vim commands in other text editors as well. Maybe I'll upload the config file somewhere, but the most important plugins for me are

Depending on the task, I switch to Ghostwriter, Typora, Sublime, VSCodium (a privacy respecting version of VSCode).

Browser & VPN#

The Browsers I use are

I won't advertise the VPN, but it's paid.

The main search engine is startpage.